Job Training


Basic and Essential Skills Training (BEST) provides building blocks for education, occupational skills training, employment and career goal setting through workshops such as:

  • Healthy Lifestyle - Gain insights into ways to incorporate physical and mental health best practices into daily living

  • Communication - Learn tips and tools for writing and speaking in a work setting and increasing awareness of non-verbal communication techniques to build a positive and professional image

  • Time Management - Ways to balance personal commitments with those related to work, education, and training

  • Work Readiness - Develop qualities and skills that are valued by employers and lead to success and career advancement

  • Career Exploration - Learn about personal interests, aptitudes and the local labor market

  • Financial Literacy - Increase awareness about the relationship between income and expenses and tools to manage finances


Additional Opportunities Customized to Individual Needs

  • Connections to Mentors

  • Tutoring and Study Skills Training

  • Adult Education/Alternative Education Enrollment

  • Family Caregiving Training

  • English as a Second Language Training

  • Job Shadowing

  • Preparation for Post-Secondary Education

  • Community Connections for Additional Support

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