Business Services

For more than 50 years Access has been a trusted partner of employers throughout San Diego County.  When job openings occur, it can often be a challenge to identify candidates with the skills and abilities necessary to onboard quickly with a commitment to hard work, efficiency, and competence.  The Access dedication to excellence in training and preparation of a responsive workforce has earned the organization its positive reputation as a source of outstanding candidate referrals.


In collaboration with the San Diego Workforce Partnership services include:

  • Sourcing and recruitment

  • Subsidized internships

  • On-the-job training subsidies 

  • Designing and building apprenticeship programs, pre-apprenticeship and other custom talent projects


Human Resource Solutions

Access staff collaborates with employers to understand their hiring needs, review job descriptions, and identify and refer appropriately skilled candidates.   This service saves employers time and money in the recruitment process.  In addition to referrals for current job openings, Access offers employers customized candidate training, internships, and work experience opportunities to provide a pipeline of potential employees with skills that meet the specific job skills and functions needed now and into the future.  

Expert Technical Assistance

Staff work with employers to design and deliver customized work-place training to upgrade the knowledge of current employees on work-related topics.  


To learn more about Access business services, contact us.